Woven 3 core fabric covered thin flex colour Dark Gold 0.5mm.

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This flex is manufactured in the UK and meets all British standards. We use this flex from this vender.

It is available in various colours with a good quality fabric wrap.

An important feature is it’s relatively “thin outside diameter”, which at a squeeze can just about fit in the arms of a Herbert Terry Anglepoise 1227  lamp.

Another good point with this wire is the ease in which one cable strand can be “unwound” to leave it as a 2 core flex.

Just to remind you that by the time a flex gets from plug to bulb holder around the arms of an Anglepoise, it’s going to take about 3 meters of cable 2 at a pinch.

State Colour as  DARK GOLD .

3 amp max, use a 1 amp fuse to be safe, 100w bulb uses 1/2 amp.